Liên Đoàn System

Introduction to the Liên Đoàn System


A Liên Đoàn (LD) is a group of intergrated scouting units, can be in the same or different branch of Scouting from Cubs Scouts to Boy Scouts to Venturer, and can even include units from Girl Scouts.

Organizing structure:

The Scout Leader committee of a Liên Đoàn holds the task of running and carrying out activities of all units within the Liên Đoàn. The structure of a Liên Đoàn is depended upon the current needs of its units as a functioning member of a Liên Đoàn. The Scout Leader committee organize the structure of a Liên Đoàn using the methods and purpose of Scouting as a guideline to carryout meaningful activities within the units.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The basic task of running and coordinating a Liên Đoàn are depended what its purpose and needs are. From there, Leaders share in the responsibilities of addressing those needs and making sure that unit activities are carried out accordingly. Those responsibilities are varied from time to time according to the current needs of the Liên Đoàn and its units.

Some key roles and tasks within a Liên Đoàn:

The Benefits of a Liên Đoàn:


Many choices and events take place depends on the individual’s familiarity of the situation and term of needs. A Scout Leader’s decision to form a Scouting unit based on a Lien Doan system or that of individual units is influenced by addressing the options as to which methods will be most effective to run their units while also offering a high degree of convenience. There is no right or wrong way when choosing either method but it is best to keep in mind of the resources needed to best coordinate the units and what is actually available. Building a successful unit is the best contribution a Leader can make to the Scouting movement and to the future of our youths. 

Source: VCS