Trang Doan Roles & Responsibilities

Scouting Activities Sub-committee

Hai Thai - Sub-Committee Chair (Thieu Doan)
Van Phung (Chim Non - Juniors)
Phuc Pham (Chim Non - Brownies)
Khanh Le (Soi Con)
Tr Linh Nguyen (Thieu Doan)
Tr Kiet Tran (Thieu Nu)

Here is the list Scout Outing Activities.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA)  & Girl Scouts (GSA) rely on various committees to support its activities and operations. One such committee is the Activity Subcommittee, which plays a crucial role in facilitating and coordinating scouting activities. Here are the typical roles and responsibilities of the Activity Subcommittee:

Overall, the LDTG Activity Subcommittee plays a vital role in creating meaningful and enriching experiences for scouts while prioritizing their safety and well-being. By effectively planning, coordinating, and evaluating activities, the subcommittee helps fulfill the mission of the LDTG, BSA & GSA to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes.

Games Sub-committee

Thanh Quach - Sub-Committee Chair
Loc Nguyen (Thanh Doan)
Ly Nguyen (Chim Non - Juniors/Soi Con)
Vinh Tran (Chim Non - Daisies /Soi Con)
Minh Vu (Chim Non - Brownies)
Cat Le (Chim Non - Juniors)

Their primary focus is to plan and coordinate games and recreational activities that contribute to the overall scouting experience.

Here are some of the responsibilities and roles such a committee might undertake within LDTG:

Membership Coordinator

Dung Nguyen - Sub-Committee Chair (Thieu Doan)
Trang Pham (Thieu Nu)
Uyen Nguyen (Thieu Doan)
Tina Nguyen (Thieu Nu)
May Tran (Chim Non)

The membership coordinator is responsible for recruiting new scouts and retaining existing members. They may organize recruitment events, communicate with prospective families, and facilitate the registration process for new scouts. Additionally, they assist with maintaining accurate membership records and updating the troop roster.  Here are the typical responsibilities and duties associated with this position:

Overall, the LDTG  Membership Coordinator plays a vital role in ensuring the growth, vitality, and sustainability of the troop by effectively recruiting, retaining, and engaging members. Their efforts help to create a diverse and thriving scouting community that provides meaningful experiences for youth and their families.

Treasurer & Finance Committee

Tr Raymond Choi - Treasurer
Tr Trang Bui
Tr Thuy Nguyen
Van Nguyen
Hang Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen
Terry Ngo

The Treasurer & Finance Committee is responsible for managing the troop's finances efficiently and transparently. Here are the typical roles and responsibilities associated with this position:

Overall, the Treasurer & Finance Committee plays a vital role in managing the financial affairs of the LDTG and individual troops, ensuring fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability in all financial matters. Their efforts contribute to the smooth operation and long-term sustainability of the troop's programs and activities.